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Cloud management is much more than looking into the infrastructure hired by the client. It must be connected to the client’s business, guiding the rules for planned or seasonal growth.

Compass UOL’s service focuses on understanding, managing, and improving clients’ cloud environments.

Running monitoring and automatizations, implementing policies to enhance governance and security, in addition to offering recommendations of cost optimization for public clouds, we help our clients achieve an optimized environment and efficient financial management.

What is the service Managed Service Provider?

The Cloud Environment Management and Support service is Compass UOL’s initiative to support clients in the adoption of cloud services within their digital transformation journey.

Based on the best practices of Cloud-Native, Agile, and DevSecOps culture, the service focuses on the principles of autonomy, sustainability, and control over the adoption of cloud services, being able to adapt to the different stages of infrastructure abstraction for which applications go through when incorporating Cloud services into their IT strategy.


The solution is based on 7 groups of services that we consider important to maintain the triad of autonomy, sustainability, and control.

The best way to manage your Cloud environment!

Optimized environment and efficient financial management.


Monitoring is an important discipline to measure the success of the Cloud adoption strategy as well as an essential tool to dimension the impact during events of applications supportability.


An integrated view of the architectural, data management, and monitoring processes is essential to establish strategies and barriers for unauthorized access without affecting the agility of the business development.


The security to invoice services and the capacity to forecast costs are essential to enable the adoption of the other management disciplines considering their impact over changes.


Selecting and implementing the right services for the reality of our clients’ applications.


Being able to promptly respond to the business, changing IT services in compliance with rules and policies is what defines the need for governance.


Therefore, Compass UOL includes DevSecOps in its services, establishing processes and tools that promote agility, supportability, and control.


Cloud providers enable us to adopt several strategies to minimize the operation recovery time, distributing data storage according.

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Compass UOL and AWS collaboration

Compass UOL and AWS have created the Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios, a joint effort that provides expertise, working templates to idealize, and accelerators to spur the conception, design, and delivery of innovative solutions and services.

The studios also combine the most advanced AWS cloud technologies and agile culture to streamline Compass’ applications focused on global enterprises undertaking transformational projects.

One example of this effort is the Agile Development of New Digital Products. In this model, we work alongside the client to build an MVP capable of validating an idea or hypothesis. The process takes approximately 60 days.

Compass UOL is a certified partner recognized by AWS on several fronts,

assuring the efficiency of our service.

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