How we transform businesses

How we transform business
How we transform business

for every industry

Have the next best action within your reach

Every company must know what action to take next. So, Compass designs data platforms to help you get faster answers, with reduced costs, and results showing in the first 2 months*.

Removing complexity of- and friction in technology, we can make it easy for business units to apply their business knowledge over data and transform that into products to improve their decision-making process.

Payments & Financial

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Payments & Financial

A different bank for each one

With an increasing number of people looking for personalized banking services, the combination of a deep understanding of consumer behavior and creativity becomes a good way to keep growing in this market. Imagine different units developing ideas backed by actual data, using their whole business knowledge to create products that fit each customer's need.

Compass helps it become a reality not only by providing platforms but also by aiding whole teams to become data-driven, training and applying its practices to create and nurture data culture.

Retail & Marketplace

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Retail & Marketplace

A single complete view of your customer

Knowing your customer is knowing what makes your business thrive. The approach of Compass' Customer Data Platform (CDP) is focused not only on providing a simple 360° view of the customer but also enabling a deep understanding of their behavior.

We can apply a variety of AI models to determine the product customers might buy, the best price for it, what makes customers come back, and how to unlock more value.


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Industry 4.0 enabled through data

Industry 4.0 is a trend that is here to stay, and only by making the best use of their data will manufacturing companies remain relevant in this ever-growing market. It is not only about enhancing existing processes but finding a way to reinvent the entire production chain around data and AI.

Compass is the ideal partner to guide the way for manufacturing businesses to become tech companies. We believe in transforming businesses by building precise monitoring of events, AI-enabled real-time optimization, and tracking customer satisfaction, from the moment a product leaves the manufacturing plant throughout its years of use. Everything needed for together building the north for this industry.


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Services & Others

Offering the best product even when it doesn't yet exist

The service industry is one of the world's fastest-growing ones, with new opportunities arising all the time. Customers are increasingly looking for personalized offers and companies that can present the best services for each customer have more chances to thrive.

Compass creates cutting-edge AI solutions to not only recommend the best product in each given scenario but also to suggest the creation of new products based on customer's needs and behavior. We want to help businesses transform through technology by showing the north for the industry.


for your industry

Healthcare & Pharma

Expanded healthcare & pharma with data science

The sole objective of healthcare & pharma businesses should be to assist as many people as possible with as good treatment as possible. For that, like in any other business, understanding your customer, and your operation, is the key to sustainable growth.

Compass builds data-driven solutions that fit each customer's need. By being able to combine operational data from clinics, personal data from patients, data from wearable monitoring devices, and more, we are helping our clients develop a deep awareness of their businesses and customers. The solutions expand healthcare and pharma for society through resource optimization, better decision-making processes, and better treatments, applying predictive AI and preventive care programs.

Our cases

Financial Services

Sicredi and Compass create developments related to the financial company's Datalake on the AWS platform

We have helped to transform Sicredi, a cooperative financial institution with 120 years of tradition that started offering digital account credit to more than 3.7 million members.

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Travel & Hospitality

ClickBus with analytics environment ready for growth

Appointed as one of the Brazilian "unicorns", ClickBus recognized in Compass a partner of high added value, with experience in a data-driven approach. That's why we review your analytics architecture to support a constantly growing business model.

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Food & Beverage

Grand Cru consolidates its data and automates physical and online sales channel analytics with AWS's serverless approach

We created a new analytics environment using the Lakehouse concept and AWS's serverless approach, consolidating data from Grand Cru's omnichannel database. We automated data feeding and processing, and democratized access to all the company's business areas. The project was developed in a little over two months.

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Grand Cru
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What we deliver

what we deliver

What we deliver

We believe in the power of the collective.

We believe in the sharing knowledge to lead the way.

Compass develops accelerators to improve processes and increase business agility every day.

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Compass' Data & Analytics Innovation Studio is built to be a thought leader in its area of expertise, delivering groundbreaking accelerators to specific domain knowledge technologies.

These are the works of a community of specialists, sharing experiences and discoveries through the research and development of new models and frameworks integrated with the latest technologies launched by our global tech partners, such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

We use accelerators to build Data Products that are specific to each of our clients and belong to only them.