Data & Analytics on AWS

AWS is the choice of most organizations to build their Data & Analytics frameworks.

Therefore, Compass UOL conducts with its customers the architectural design process, application development and support extracting the most out of AWS tools. Our team of certified experts acts as your partner to uncomplicate the understanding and value of your organization's data.

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Full Data Lake


AWS has a complete stack of solutions for Data Lakes. From batch processing of large volumes of data to large flows of real-time processing, we always have a wide range of solutions and possibilities that will meet your business needs.

We create environments that facilitate the ingestion of the most diverse types of data to be analyzed throughout the organization, as well as customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Components for our solutions

With Compass UOL, in partnership with AWS, delivers complete Data&Analytics services.


EMR is a powerful platform for processing large volumes of data, commonly playing a key role in Data Lakes architectures. Compass UOL has a team trained in EMR optimization for your business problems.


In the cloud computing era, a modern Data Warehouse solution is essential for the composition of an effective analytical environment. Redshift supports complex analytical processes in an elastically scalable and extremely resilient solution.


An event-driven, fully serverless platform that allows multiple types of processing to run is a key piece of the puzzle for orchestrating analytics platforms and processing small volumes of data. Lambda is an extremely versatile tool that can surprise when applied to various mission types.


Complex ETL flows can be easily developed and managed by AWS Glue and its tools, which enable organizations to prepare their data for analytics in an agile and cost-effective way.


For when the problem goes beyond structured data, Dynamo DB is a powerful fully managed NoSQL database that enables low latency queries and high data availability and durability.


Kinesis is a set of tools that enable the ingestion and processing of data in continuous flows, close to real time, enabling your organization to make effective decisions synchronized with business events.

Meet our cases

GRAND CRU | Lakehouse

We created a new cloud analytics environment for Grand Cru, based on Lakehouse concept and using AWS serverless services on Dora Lakehouse Accelerator. Data pipelines were implemented, providing integrated and near real time data for analysis. Thus, data access was democratized across many customer's business areas. The first operating realease of the project was delivered in 10 weeks.

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CLICKBUS | Analytics

We applied engineering and data science frameworks that have enabled structured mapping of problems, requirements, expectations, desires, and suggestions for improvements applicable to the analytics environment. Thus, it was possible to define the best target architecture and suggest a Roadmap deployment.

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SICREDI | Data Lake Woop

We contributed with the solution implementation to support the several data sources and the information processing through the use of cluster Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) providing the data sets processed for insights insights and business strategic decisions.

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Solutions for your business


Data Scientists need much more data for the development of accurate analytical models.

Dora autonomously manages the creation of sandboxes on AWS platforms with the data needed by Data Scientists, or any business user who needs to explore data in their organization, without the need for prior engineering. Unique solution from data exploration, to automated deployment of analytical models and exposure in microservices.

Data First in a Box

Rapidly deployable Data Lake solution, where we provide a fully featured cloud environment for data ingestion, processing and exposure with AWS platforms that aggregates to a DataOps conveyor to automate the creation of transformation models, validation and delivery to the final consumer. 

Data Governance

The expansion of analytical environments with Big Data considerably increases the complexity of its governance. For this, Compass UOL has a specialized framework based on 3 key pillars: Strategic Alignment; Architectural Evolution; Risk, Security, Privacy and Compliance. Bringing the necessary strategic security to investments in Data & Analytics.

Major players in the market work together with Compass UOL to help our customers transformation journey.


We form strategic alliances to bring solutions the way your challenge needs. Our experts work with teams of the biggest names in the technology market with a focus on your business objectives and desired results. If you have an implementation in mind, you're just starting or you still don't know where to start we'll work together.


Compass UOL has been an AWS partner since 2016, as Advanced Consulting Partners.


With an extremely specialized technical team, in 2019 we were certified as Managed Service Providers, as well as recognized as APN Rising Star at partner summit 2019.

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