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AWS Well-Architected

Secure, resilient, high-performance digital platforms:

Have an expert consulting on AWS Well-Architected and learn to evaluate and implement infrastructures with the best architectural practices.

Meet our consulting services and have a secure and scalable infrastructure for your business.

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Optimize your​ infrastructure​ with AWS Cloud:

Learn to evaluate your company's workloads, identify high-risk events, and register your improvements with the expert consulting services of Compass UOL on the Well-Architected Framework of AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.​

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AWS Well-Architected:
A robust, consistent, and scalable solution for your business.

AWS Well-Architected Framework is based on 6 fundamental pillars that ensure a consistent approach for implementing secure, scalable, and low-cost infrastructures for your business.

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Operational Excellence

Conquer the cloud best practices.

With certified professionals, we align the architecture of your digital platforms with cloud best practices, guiding the use of resources to establish governance, performance, and application optimization.

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Protect your information.

Confidentiality and integrity of data, managing user permissions, protecting resources, and establishing control and automation to detect and fix events that could generate risk to your cloud infrastructure security.

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Cost Optimization

Avoid unnecessary costs.

Creation of policies to understand and control fund allocation and adapting resources to the budget and consumption needs of each application by analyzing spending over time and scaling the infrastructure to meet business needs without overspending.

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Performance Efficiency

Use cloud resources efficiently.

Selecting resource types and sizes optimized for workload requirements to scale your digital platforms, monitoring and observability to maintain efficiency as your business needs evolve.

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Ensure reliability in the cloud.

With certified architects, we ensure that the workloads perform their intended functions and recover quickly from failure to meet demands. Using every aspect of the cloud, we ensure redundancy and a reliable architecture, suitable for your day to day business and peak seasonal events.

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Minimize environmental impacts.

Focusing on minimizing the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads, we include a shared responsibility model for sustainability, understanding impact, and maximizing utilization to minimize required resources and reduced downstream impacts.

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create and redesign the infrastructure
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Count on our AWS-certified experts and learn to optimize the architecture of your digital platforms.


Main results

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Expressive gains in performance
and user experience.

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AWS infrastructure cost reduction of 48% and cost-per-session user reduction by 68%.

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40% increase in the number of concurrent users supported in the solution.

The AWS Well-Architected solution within reach of your business.


Renzo Petri

Head of Cloud Platform Engineering &
DevOps Latam at Natura &Co

“With the implementation of our cloud e-commerce, we gained a lot in agility and scalability, which are essential to advancing in our globalization strategy of the e-commerce platform. With a doubled thirst after the success of our BF 2019, we challenged ourselves to optimize our application, generate a 40% reduction in cloud costs, and increase concurrent users with the respective cost reduction per user.

After receiving the feedbacks, we chose to start working in partnership with Compass and AWS, in which, through Well Architected, we could review our entire application architecture and infrastructure. After reviewing, and with fast and constant deliveries, we achieved a simpler, cleaner architecture, with significant scale gain and cost reduction.”

Gabriel Ribeiro

Digital Transformation Lead
Latam at Natura &Co

“Natura's consumer platform has accelerated its digital products strategy, operating in 3 brands of the Group and 8 Natura &Co. operations, thus contributing so that our business model continues to advance in the digital format, without losing the essence of Natura, which is the human relationship.

The personal interaction between consultants and consumers is essential to the sales experience, and our goal with digitization was to improve these relationships, bringing new possibilities and paths. Project deliveries were critical to our strategy as it allowed the optimization of our infrastructure.”

Compass UOL and AWS collaboration

Compass and AWS have created the Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios, a joint effort that provides expertise, working templates to idealize, and accelerators to spur the conception, design, and delivery of innovative solutions and services.

The studios also combine the most advanced AWS cloud technologies and agile culture to streamline Compass’ applications focused on global enterprises undertaking transformational projects.

One example of this effort is the Agile Development of New Digital Products. In this model, we work alongside the client to build an MVP capable of validating an idea or hypothesis. The process takes approximately 60 days.​